Julia Walczyna z Grand Prix „Iveria – Brilliant”

Nasza stypendystka i podopieczna Julia Walczyna zdobyła Grand Prix Miedzynarodowego Festiwalu Piosenki, Tańca i Sztuki „Iveria – Brilliant”.

Festiwal jest organizowany w Gruzji a wzięli w nim udział uczestnicy z Turcji, Polski, Armenii, Rumunii, Azerbejdżanu i gospodarzy. festiwal odbył się on linę. Uczestnicy przysłali swoje wykonania piosenki a następnie te wykonania poddane zostały głosowaniu internetowemu, które wyłoniło zwycięzców w poszczególnych kategoriach.

Julia Walczyna wykonała piosenkę pochodzącą ze ścieżki dźwiękowej z filmu „Miasto 44”.

Jest to dla mnie przedewszystkim ogromne wyróżnienie i bardzo się cieszę ze zostałam tak doceniona .Szczerze kompletnie się nie spodziewałam ze otrzymam Grand Prix. Byłam bardzo zaskoczona i szczęśliwa gdy dowiedziałam się o nagrodzie. – powiedziała Julia Walczyna

Serdecznie gratulujemy! Jesteśmy bardzo dumni!

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O Festiwalu:

The winners of Iveria Brilliant dedicate their victory to His Holiness

The International Festival of Song, Dance and Art for Persons with Disabilities “Iveria – Brilliant” was held online (via the Internet) due to the Corona virus, which started on July 13, 2020. Seven countries participated in the fifth (although the online version is the first) festival – Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Armenia, Romania, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

“As always,” Iveria – Brilliant” has a pleasant ending – the winners and nominees of the festival celebrate their success with the Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, Archbishop of Mtskheta-Tbilisi, Metropolitan of Bichvinta and Tskhum-Abkhazia, His Holiness and Beatitude Ilia II. – It was planned on the day of his enthronement, the winners were to be announced on this very day. As you know, the festival “Iveria – Diamond” is held with the blessing of His Holiness and Beatitude Ilia II.

The charm of the festival was that it was held with equal rights and opportunities, there was an individual submission and an interactive, paid number according to which the winners were revealed. Also important for the victory of the aliens was the number of videos (songs) shown on YouTube and, of course, the decision of the jury for all participants!

Non-disabled artists were also involved in the festival, who sang in a duet with the disabled participants. Such an approach has given us a great opportunity for further integration and further development in this field.

The festival-competition consisted of three main stages and a final. In total, the participants had to prepare and record ten songs. This means that many new songs have appeared in the participants’ singing repertoire, the practice has increased, each of them has been refined and the belief in their own abilities has been strengthened.

Perhaps the public is interested in the continuation and perspective of the “Iveria – Brilliant” festival: the winners of the festival in 2021 will travel to similar festivals – in Ukraine, Poland, Romania and other countries. And, due to the pandemic, due to the closure of the borders, promised to foreign winners next winter, vacations and events in Bakuriani were changed in the summer of 2021, with a vacation in Ureki and a major international festival and competition.

As you know, the festival of a similar format is the first in Georgia and has no analogy yet, and the online festival for people with disabilities is the first in the world and Georgia was able to do that. As the first online festival, it was quite well and popular and we believe that the next one will be more refined, the level will be higher and the number of participating countries will also increase!

Here, I will tell you as a surprise that in 2021 Georgia, in particular Batumi, will host the same festival, but with increased ambition and opportunities – art and song of people with disabilities – “Eurovision – Iveria Brilliant 2021”. To participate, an online festival will be held in advance from March 2021, which will end in July 2021. In this case, paid (interactive) calls will be crucial and, consequently, those who have more calls will come to Eurovision. I will add here that there will definitely be duets with non-disabled singers. And the participants will have another main task: each of them will have an obligation to sing a song based on the text of a modern poet. Of course, there will be several participants selected from the jury and the founder.

It is also important that for the winners – Georgian and foreign, etc., joint songs will be recorded in pairs and clips will be created.

The identities of the winners were interestingly distributed. We must explain that one foreigner is the counterweight to almost every Georgian winner, it is a fair decision, which is determined by the votes cast by the jury and the number of views of videos (songs) on YouTube. Interested parties can view the number of video shows, as well as the number of points compiled based on the data submitted by the jury. So, the festival was held without any bias and violations,” – said Nugzar Chiaberashvili, the festival’s founder.

As for the identity of the jury, we would like to remind you that it was very high class, composed of artists and representatives of all countries were involved: Archbishop Guram Charelashvili – Georgia, Yurek Turek – Poland, Tsiuri Mchedlishvili – Georgia, Duta Skhirtladze – Georgia, Armen Alaverdi , Lucia Terben – Romania, Giorgi Tsereteli – Georgia, Katie Lynchik – Georgia, Dimitri Svetsi – Ukraine, Aidogan Topal – Turkey, Irakli Tabagua – Georgia, Nugzar Chiaberashvili – Georgia.

Recall that since 2018, the online festival has been preceded by four international festivals, in real space and not online. The organizer of the festival is “Social Enterprise is a special magazine”, and its founder is Nugzar Chiaberashvili. The general sponsor of the festival is “Special Magazine”, which has been published since 2014 and employs 18 people with disabilities. This edition is also held with the blessing of His Holiness and Beatitude Ilia II.

This is how the places of the winners were distributed.

-18 years
Grand Prix – Luka Margvelashvili – Julia Valchina
First place – Mariam Butskhrikidze – Victoria Derenyuk
Second place – Salome Dagundaridze – Nermin Aliyeva
Third place – Ilya Stepanenko
Third place – Eduard Viorel Sechik

+18 years
Grand Prix – Tako Saginadze – Anna Matveeva
First place – Monica Akhvlediani – Gabriela Baginska
Second place – David Gasparyants – Alexander Cossack
Third place – Maia Antidze – Christine Hovhannisyan
Third place – Tamuna Lursmanashvili – Ivan Gritsavi

Favorites of the festival founder:
Amelia Nebesnaia – Selim and Kerim Altinok
Liana Kvashilava – Agatha Pavlovska
Tatiana Baturina – Shaban Mamedov

Best Nominations:

  1. Marekh Murghulia – “Iveria Brilliant’s Favorite”
  2. Nino Napishvili – “Voice of the Festival”
  3. Vlada Umrikhina – Festival Artist
  4. Mehraj Dunyamaliev – Folklore Discovery of the Festival
  5. Dennis Georgian Aperte – Festival Discovery
  6. Sarah Husseinova – Best Vocal
  7. Arpine Martirosyan – Festival Classics
  8. Elena Bedea – Diamond of the Festival
  9. Mariam Kamara – Best Performance